Growth accelerator program

Does your business have the potential for exciting growth? Our Growth Accelerator Program will assist business owners and directors to understand how to build a prospective and thriving business.

Few people realise that high growth is both a powerful and highly risky stage of the business development life cycle. We can help you identify the critical steps needed to achieve your next phase of success – rapidly and sustainably.

This program will help businesses:

  • build a successful growth strategy
  • discover new sources of funding and investment
  • unlock your capacity for innovation
  • harness the power of your people.

Through the program, participants will meet and network with other like-minded businesses and growth experts. This program is only open to business owners and directors of a business.

Who should attend?

  • Businesses with high growth potential that are looking for opportunities to accelerate
  • Businesses who are currently experiencing high success, but are unaware or need guidance to manage the financial and other risk factors associated with growth
  • Business owners looking to build a business that is not reliant on them

Business baseline

Where is your business now? Where do you want to be? How do you plan to get there? These are some of the questions we will investigate to determine your baseline assessment.

Items that will be covered include:

  • the current state of your business
  • how it is performing financially and across other key metrics
  • determine goals to outline where you want your business to be
  • develop a one page business plan on how you are going to achieve your success.

Group workshops

Full group workshops are delivered in an interactive manner with real life examples and case studies.

The sessions introduce key strategic planning tools and allow participants to apply these to their business.

Past participants have found it very useful to see how other businesses are facing similar challenges and to hear their experiences in overcoming these.

Individual mentoring and the 'one page’ business plan

Participants are supported in the development of a ‘one page’ business plan which details where they want to be at the end of the program and key actions to get there.

The plan forms the basis for one-to-one coaching sessions.

Mentoring sessions are held every six weeks to keep you focused on your plan and to overcome any roadblocks.

This mentoring also provides an opportunity to provide specific advice for your business.

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