Support for existing businesses

Our priority is to support your business – we want to help your business grow. Learn more about our programs, services and analytics insight. Find out about State and Australian government support.

Our partnership program

We welcome opportunities to partner with you on new initiatives. The projects we work on together must return a high economic benefit to our city. Explore how we can make this happen below.

Your eligibility criteria

To be considered for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Applications may only be submitted by a business, organisation, or government agency (including government business enterprises).
  • Your entity must have operated for at least two consecutive financial years.
  • Your entity must currently be solvent.
  • You must demonstrate how your initiative meets at least one of our Corporate Plan themes of people, place, and prosperity.
  • You must demonstrate where your initiative aligns with at least one of Economic Development's strategic priorities.

In addition to the above eligibility criteria, you must meet a minimum of two or more of following criteria:

  • demonstrate how your initiative will support the growth of our local community and/or business community
  • demonstrate how your initiative promotes and increases collaborative opportunities for community, business and industry
  • demonstrate how your initiative will increase business, export, supply chain and/or investment attraction opportunities for our city.

We may only approve one application per organisation per financial year.

Applications must be submitted a minimum of three months prior to the initiative. We will assess each application and notify you of the outcome no later than six weeks from the date of receipt.

Each determination, interpretation or other action made or taken by us with respect to an application will be at our discretion. It shall be final, conclusive and binding upon an applicant or applicants.

How to apply

Email to details about your initiative and how you meet the eligibility criteria.

Access free data analytics

We have partnered with .id to deliver you free suburb-based community profiles. These profiles are generated with a user-friendly data analytics tool. The tool is anchored in census data and some real-time analytics. Get smarter by using to plan your strategy for business optimisation. This geographic based tool provides you with insight on:

  • our population statistics
  • our social profiling
  • our economic profiling
  • our housing profiling.

Access free public Wi-fi for business

Looking for fast and secure internet for your business? The Surf Network provides free Wi-Fi through a secure connection for Gold Coast businesses.

Support for each phase of business growth

Identify the stage of business growth you are in and find the most appropriate program for your business. A range of free resources can assist in planning your next move.

Phase 1: Start-up to scale

  • Are you looking to commercialise a new concept or business idea?
  • Are you looking for resources to help you get your business of the ground?

If you answered yes, you are in the start-up to scale-up phase.

Whether just starting out or scaling up your small business, our Libraries can assist. Find information to boost your business on our Gold Coast Libraries website. Services and support available include:

  • workshops and events
  • online learning tutorials
  • research support
  • planning tools
  • business reads.

For more information check out:

Phase 2: Business growth and development phase

  • Are you a Gold Coast business that has been in operation for more than two years?
  • Are you new to exporting and/or want to expand through export?
  • Are you continuing to grow and innovate in your business?

If you answered yes, you are in the business growth and development phase.

For more information check out:

Phase 3: Expansion and export

Answering yes to the questions below is a key sign that you are a well-established business:

  • Can your business support the next phase of growth?
  • Do you have a new generation of directors/owners?
  • Are you looking for new markets to support that next phase of your business growth?

If you answered yes, you are in the business expansion and export phase.

For more information check out:

If you have volunteers involved in your business or want to bring them in, have a look at our get involved pages. You will find guidance on finding volunteers. We also have training so you can lead them effectively.