Mangroves are salt-tolerant trees and are adapted to life in harsh coastal conditions. With their built-in salt filtration system and complex root system, this plant can cope with salt-water immersion and wave action.

Mangroves are also adapted to the low oxygen conditions of waterlogged mud.

To learn more about mangroves, download our Mangroves on the Gold Coast brochure(PDF, 764KB)

Mangrove odour

Mangroves can give off an odour like rotten eggs. This usually happens from May to November. It occurs because of the decay of organic matter producing hydrogen sulphide gas.

To learn more, download our Living with mangrove odours brochure(PDF, 748KB)

Report marine plant disturbance

Marine plants such as mangroves are protected in Queensland. To report disturbance to marine plants (including mangroves), contact the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.