Managing our waterways

The Gold Coast boasts a spectacular network of waterways. There are five main rivers and many creeks, lakes, canals, and the magnificent Broadwater. Other water environments on the Gold Coast include wetlands, groundwater sources and estuaries.

From the hinterland to the ocean, healthy water environments:

  • support thriving habitats for native species
  • create sites for recreation
  • carry out vital floodplain functions.

Our biodiversity, prosperity and unique Gold Coast lifestyle are dependent upon healthy and connected water environments.

Our vision

The Gold Coast Water Strategy 2019–2024 sets a vision for best practice management of our water resources, including its environments and catchments.

Protecting, restoring, and maintaining the Gold Coast's diverse water environments is everyone's business. Find out how you can play an active part in improving the health of our catchments and aquatic ecosystems.