Managing pest plants & animals

Pest plants and animals are a threat to our environment, economy and way of life. Most are not native, having been imported from overseas.

The potential impacts of many of these pest plants and animals are so significant that they have been identified as biosecurity risks by the Queensland Government. The Biosecurity Act 2014 was enacted to identify and manage these risks.

“Biosecurity for us is about trying to stop pest plants and animals from establishing and spreading – and when they do – protecting communities, our lifestyle, businesses and the environment.” Queensland Biosecurity Strategy 2018–2023.

Here you can find out more about how you can identify a pest animal or plant, and what steps can be taken to prevent a biosecurity risk.

Further information

For enquiries about environmental weeds, pest animals, or pest management on public land, please contact us

To find out more about Gold Coast species visit our Gold Coast Flora and Fauna database

If you see any pest plants on public or private land, please report them to us. Visit Report a problem – Trees, plants and vegetation

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