Aquatic pest plants & fish

Releasing fish and aquatic weeds in natural waterways can be accidental or intentional.

Common problems are:

  • dumping aquarium collections into waterways such as goldfish, guppies, platies and water snails
  • introducing species as sport fish such as carp and tilapia
  • using pest fish as live bait
  • using non-native fish species in ornamental ponds which overflow into waterways.

Pest fish and plants can:

  • introduce parasites and diseases
  • adversely affect aquatic habitats
  • decrease native fish populations.

In Queensland, it is illegal to release noxious or non-native fish into our natural waterways. To learn more visit Biosecurity Queensland.

How can we prevent problems?

You can prevent problems caused by pest fish and aquarium plants by:

  • never disposing of aquarium collections within our natural waterways or lake systems
  • not releasing exotic species back into a waterway if caught while fishing
  • keeping aquarium collections in secure ponds
  • using native fish rather than exotic species
  • trading unwanted fish and plants with aquariums, pet shops or auctioning fish.

Learn more about invasive or high-risk pest fish.

Report a pest fish sighting

You can report sightings of pest fish to the Queensland Government by: