Investing in our environment

Our environmental assets are internationally recognised. They contribute significantly to our economy and lifestyle. Investment in caring for our natural asset network helps us to:

  • work towards 51% native vegetation cover in our city
  • undertake key supporting services
  • achieve legislative requirements
  • manage risk.

Your rates contribution

An Open Space levy, including Koala Habitat, Maintenance and Enhancement Separate Charge, is applied to all rateable properties on the Gold Coast. Significant achievements have been made through collecting this levy and investing it in environmental initiatives. This continued sustained effort will contribute to retaining one of the most biodiverse cities in Australia, keeping our environment healthy and resilient into the future.

The levy is collected annually for 'the purpose of open space maintenance and enhancement, including land acquisitions and non-acquisition purposes directly relevant to open space preservation, maintenance, access and nature conservation, acquiring and enhancing land for koala habitat within the city, including all ancillary costs in relation to the land acquisition'.

In 2023-24, the levy is set at $58.50 per rateable property (or just over $1/week). It supports a wide range of natural asset network activities and initiatives:

  • providing nature-based recreation infrastructure and community participation activities, such as walking tracks, NaturallyGC workshops and programs
  • management of our existing natural area reserves such as bushfire management, ecological restoration, weed and pest animal control
  • private land partnerships including the Land for Wildlife and Voluntary Conservation Agreement Schemes
  • priority species management including koala conservation
  • land purchase and enhancement.

How to make voluntary contributions

Voluntary contributions can be made for koala habitat land purchase and enhancement online using:

  • BPAY Biller code 37424
  • Customer Reference 2 5625200 8

Please note contributions are a minimum of $2.00. A tax deduction does not apply. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.