City-wide significant species

City-wide significant species are plants and animals that are recognised as important to the Gold Coast. They may only occur locally (endemic), be at the limit of their geographical range or the Gold Coast or may support an important population of the species.

A 2016 review by a panel of experts identified 572 plant and 159 animal species as city-wide significant species.

These species are included as ‘matters of local environmental significance’ under the City Plan. For a current list of locally significant species, refer to Schedule SC6.7.8 Appendix 4: Significant species of the City Plan.

The City Plan helps protect and conserve these species by regulating development within natural areas on the Gold Coast.

You can help preserve our city-wide significant species by protecting them on your properties and planting them in your gardens. Learn more about City-wide significant plants of the Gold Coast(PDF, 2MB).