Protect & restore native vegetation

If you have a large property or one that adjoins a natural area, then protecting and restoring natural vegetation on your property is one of the best ways you can support our natural environment and help local wildlife.

Restoring native vegetation involves activities such as weed control, erosion control, exclusion of grazing animals and management of pest animals.

There are well-established practices for restoring natural bushland. The aim is to create vegetation that:

  • contains species diversity similar to the original vegetation type
  • has the same structure as the original vegetation type – canopy, understorey, and ground layer
  • regrows naturally or uses locally-sourced plants when revegetation is required
  • becomes self-sustaining.

Use these resources to learn how to undertake ecological restoration on your property:

Get practical experience by joining a Landcare or bushland restoration group

Find information on our landholder support programs, which are designed to help private landholders restore and protect their property's native habitat.