My energy

Community action

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop climate change, it is critical we reduce our use of non-renewable energy. We need to rethink, recreate and reshape how we consume energy.

Help reduce our impacts

  • Cut back on electricity consumption
  • Choose renewable energy alternatives
  • Use sustainable transport
  • Buy energy efficient, environmentally-friendly products

Renewable energy is 'green' energy that is sourced from natural processes. Green energy is not created by expending non-renewable fossil fuels. It is a virtually unlimited resource.

Reduce your emissions

Greenhouse gases are created when electricity is produced. Did you know you can reduce greenhouse gases by purchasing green energy from your electricity provider? You can also generate green energy via solar panels and this can then be used to power alternate fuel vehicles, like electric vehicles.

Reshape your use

When purchasing household appliances check their energy efficiency rating and consider energy-efficient lightbulbs. Did you know LED save electricity and last 10 times longer than traditional bulbs? To reduce energy usage in your home, simply switch off TVs, lights, fans, electronics, gadgets and fixtures like water heaters when not in use. Electrical appliances consume energy even when you are not using them. Keep the lights on in the room only when needed and unplug electrical devices when not in use.

Business action

It’s important for Gold Coast businesses to play their part in creating a sustainable future. Businesses can elect to use renewable energy, switch to energy efficient devices and LED light bulbs and ensure their facilities reduce electricity use when non-operational.

What we’re doing

Renewable energy and energy conservation are Council priorities. We are working to minimise the impact of our operations on climate change by investing in projects that create ‘green energy’ and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

From electric and hybrid vehicles to solar, hydro, and biomass energy options, we continue to explore renewable and cutting-edge options to power the Gold Coast into the future.

Here are some ways that we are investing in a sustainable future:

Renewable energy projects

  • Solar electricity: photovoltaic cells installed at over 47 council facilities
  • Elanora Sewage Treatment Plant: cogeneration plant that captures the methane released from the decaying organic matter
  • Rocky Point Cogeneration Plant: a biomass plant that receives green landfill waste collection
  • City landfill sites: capture methane and burn it in generators to produce grid-connected electricity
  • Micro-hydro turbine generator: located downstream of the Hinze Dam
  • Pimpama Sports hub: Australia's first 100% energy self-sufficient sporting and community hub. Phase 1 is now open

Switching to alternate fuel vehicles

  • Current program to replace petrol and diesel fleet vehicles fully electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid ones. In July 2020, we introduced 6 EVs
  • Installed 10 electric vehicle charging stations across the city

Energy-efficient devices

  • Replacing our streetlights with LED light bulbs. We have replaced over 5000 so far
  • Installing lighting units with smart capabilities that can be controlled through remote access
  • Looking to invest further in renewable energy public lighting
  • Supporting energy-efficient devices and design in all our facilities

State Government initiatives

The Queensland State Government has a renewable energy target of 50% renewable energy by 2030, 70% by 2032 and 80% by 2035. There is also a new renewable energy plan and updated renewable energy targets. For information visit, the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan.