My waste

Reducing waste is important for our community, but it can be confusing. Use these tips to create less waste and recycle more when you're at home and out and about.

  • Reduce your food waste. Look out for our Love Food Hate Waste program launching in 2024.
  • Learn to grow your own food as well as turn your kitchen scraps and garden organics into compost with Grow It Local.
  • Avoid bottled water. Take your reusable bottle to one of our free water refill stations.
  • Use reusable rags and cloths for cleaning to reduce single use wipes and paper towels.

Recycle more

Many items that go into your general waste bin can be recycled. If you’re unsure of what can be recycled, check out Recyclepedia, our online A-Z of recycling on the Gold Coast.

Recycle Street at our waste and recycling centres is another great way to ensure your unwanted items are recycled as much as possible. You can also dispose of waste such as paint, motor oil, car batteries and hazardous chemicals.

Use your green organics bin for garden prunings and lawn clippings. If you don't have a green organics bin or have large amounts of green organics, you can drop them off at a Green Organics Drop and Go.

Use our Bin Day Finder for a reminder on what you can put in your bin and when they’ll be collected.

Why your efforts matter

Watch this video to find out where your waste goes and how we're working to help you reduce what you use and protect our unique Gold Coast lifestyle.