Grow it local

Get involved with Grow It Local to plant and harvest your own food. Learn how to turn your kitchen scraps and garden organics into compost.

Whether it’s a small pot of herbs on your windowsill or a big veggie patch in your backyard, by growing your own food and composting you can:

  • reduce the amount of waste headed to landfill
  • enrich your soil and help retain moisture
  • defeat plant diseases
  • eat healthy produce at home
  • contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Not to mention, it’s fun, satisfying and can save you money!

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Ready to start growing and learning?

Access monthly online workshops, live educational sessions and blogs. Connect with likeminded people.


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Connect with other local gardeners

All levels of gardeners are welcome to join and learn to grow, share and create amazing dishes from food that you produce. You’ll find plenty of useful information to help you on your journey from patch to plate. 

Whether want to plant some herbs to spice up your next pasta dish or you’re having trouble with the brown to green ratio in your compost, there’s sure to be a workshop for you. Keep your eye on the events for new gardening topics every month.&

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, use the platform to connect with other local gardeners.