My water

Find out how much water we're using across the city on our Sustainability Dashboard for a snapshot of how we use and manage our resources.

Water supply

We're part of the South East Queensland (SEQ) water grid, sharing one interconnected water supply across the region.

Despite significant rainfall across SEQ, we live in a climate of extremes so living sustainably now will preserve our enviable lifestyle and environment for years to come. Being waterwise is everyone's responsibility – before you turn on the tap remember it's my water, my future.

Reduce your use

There are many ways to reduce drinking water use around your household. Be mindful of how you use water.

  • Take a shorter shower. Aim for less than 4 minutes.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving. This will save up to 5 litres per minute.
  • Half fill the sink to rinse dishes or clean fruit and vegetables.
  • Have a full load before using your dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Invest in 4 star or better water-efficient devices like washing machines, dishwashers, dual flush toilets, pool covers and flow controllers.
  • Leaking toilets, taps or underground pipes can waste a lot of water. Check for water leaks.

Rethink your outdoor use

Outdoor water use is one of the largest contributors to the residential use of drinking water. When outdoors:

  • Always use a trigger hose, bucket or watering can when washing your car or watering the garden.
  • Wash the car on the lawn. The lawn will get a good watering at the same time.
  • Use a broom to sweep paved outdoor areas instead of hosing them down.
  • Minimise lawn areas and plant water-efficient local native trees and plants.
  • Collect your shower water so you can reuse it on your garden/pot plants.

Community action

The City of Gold Coast is the second largest local government area in Australia. By 2024 we expect to grow by many thousands of extra residents and homes. One of the by-products of the city's growth and prosperity is the increased demand on our drinking water supply so we need to manage our water use and invest in infrastructure for the future.

Rainwater tanks are a great way to help conserve the drinking water supply and can provide a valuable source of water for your home.

For resources on waterwise gardening and to help keep on top of your water use, visit Waterwise gardening.

Water leaks

Check your water meter regularly to monitor and understand how much water your household is using.

This will help you to respond quickly to water leaks and prevent water loss and damage.

Property owners are also responsible for the pipes and fittings connected to the meter tail on the property side of the meter.

Business action

It's important we all do our part in reducing drinking water use and that includes our commercial and business industries. One of the ways that commercial industry can reduce their use of drinking water, where possible, is through commercial recycled water connections. Recycled water is a sustainable, climate-resilient water supply option and is currently used across the city.

It's also important for businesses to adopt industry best practises for water use and prevent wastage. Businesses should install water efficient devices and encourage staff to be water wise. Accommodation managers can download our flyer to explain how visitors can help us conserve our region's limited water supply:

Smart water management – Hotel and motels(PDF, 192KB)

What we're doing

Drinking water quality

Our priority is providing you with safe, reliable, high-quality drinking water. We conduct comprehensive water monitoring through regular sampling and testing to achieve this. The quality of our water is so safe, we encourage everyone to Choose Tap.

Our interactive online map provides information about the quality of drinking water being supplied to your area. Simply search by address.

Water infrastructure solutions

Providing safe, reliable, and affordable water supply and sewerage services is at the heart of our everyday activity. We aim to value the environment, while adopting innovative infrastructure solutions. We are expanding our Recycled Water Network to provide a safe alternative to drinking water in areas like parks and sports ovals.

Smart water meters

Through fast leak detection and better water management we can save millions of litres of water. City facilities and high-use non-residential properties have been fitted with a smart meter device. The device is attached to existing water meters and collects and analyses water use data. Customers can check this data through digital portals and make sure they aren't wasting water and attend to leaks quickly.

Healthy waterways

Our environment, prosperity and unique lifestyle are dependent on healthy water environments. They support thriving habitats for native species, recreation, shading and floodplain management. You can check the City's catchments monitoring and actions at our online reporting map.

State Government initiatives

Seqwater is the Queensland Government Bulk Water Supply Authority. They are responsible for providing bulk drinking water across South East Queensland. We buy bulk water from Seqwater which is mostly harvested from the State-owned Hinze Dam and Little Nerang Dam catchments. The State Government sets the price that the City pays for water, which is passed on to customers. They also manage water infrastructure like desalination plants and the SEQ purified recycled water network, which provide climate independent water sources.