Environmental health services

The City is committed to maintaining the health of our environment and the quality of life on the Gold Coast. We administer legislation and policies not only by reactive demand, but through proactive, risk based compliance programs. Our aim is to deliver efficient and effective programs to protect the community's public and environmental health.

Our Environmental Health Officers

Everyday our Environmental Health Officers look after:

  • Food safety, including the 'Eat Safe' star rating program
  • High risk personal appearance services including beauty salons, tattooists and body piercing
  • Rental accommodation, private campgrounds and commercial swimming pools
  • Assessment and monitoring of events and entertainment parks
  • Environmental protection relating to noise, dust, odour and light
  • Assessment of industry such as boat builders, surfboard manufacturers, wrecking yards and asphalt manufacturers
  • Pollution responses on land and in local waterways
  • Waste management including littering, illegal dumping and waste storage
  • Asbestos service requests
  • After hours and disaster response

If you believe a business that falls under the above categories is engaging in practices that pose a risk to public health:

Common neighbourhood problems

Below you'll find useful links for information on common neighbourhood issues and how to report a problem, or go directly to our Report a problem page.