Buy, hire & grow local

We are committed to proactively enabling competitive local business and industry. We help support local businesses and employers by:

  • buying local
  • hiring local
  • growing local.

Our 'Buy local' procurement policy(PDF, 1MB) guides this process.

In recognition of the economic, innovation and social benefits that local supply brings, we ensure our procurement recognises local businesses when determining successful offers.

Local benefits

For contracts worth less than $250,000 the City will only invite quotes from local business in the first instance.

For contracts worth greater than $250,000 the local benefits are applied to all public tenders.

Refer to Evaluation of Tenders page or more information on how the local benefits and local benefits weighting criteria is applied.

Gold Coast Local Supplier list

If your business has an office located within the Gold Coast local government area, you can register on the Gold Coast Local Supplier list.

Register on Local Supplier List

To complete your registration, please attach evidence of your business location on the Gold Coast as per the 100 Points Identification Check:

Once verified, your business profile will receive a badge to indicate your Gold Coast Local Supplier status on VendorPanel. This will be visible to all City officers using the platform.

Sourcing local suppliers and sub-contractors

The City of Gold Coast also provides access to a Contractors Portal to encourage contractors to engage local sub-contractors or suppliers to identify locally sourced goods and services.

Contractor registration


If you have an existing supplier account in VendorPanel you need to ensure you have an alternative email address to the one used for that account. This is to ensure notifications received as a 'Buyer' on the Contractors Portal are separate to those received as a 'Supplier' in the Marketplace.

How the Contractor Portal is used

Roles Functions performed in the Contractors Portal
Contractors Buyers seeking quotes for goods and/or services
  • Source local sub-contractors or businesses by issuing requests for quotations to Suppliers in the Marketplace
  • Manage their requests through to completion – evaluate Supplier responses and finalise their requests for quotations
Sub-Contractors / local businesses Suppliers seeking to do business via VendorPanel
  • Suppliers respond to requests for quotations issued by Buyers in VendorPanel
  • May secure work by responding to requests

For further information refer to the City of Gold Coast Contractors Portal Guide(PDF, 64KB).

Contact Procurement Planning & Development

Strategy & policy development enquiries:

Phone: 07 5581 6101