Site safety inductions

Welcome – you are about to start work on a City of Gold Coast site and we're excited to have you onboard.

Maintaining the safety of everyone who comes into contact with a City work site is our highest priority. This includes, you, your workers and sub-contractors. Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation details the health and safety duties of all workers within the workplace.

As identified in your contract with the City, you may be required to undertake site specific inductions prior to being granted access to the site.

The inductions assist in informing potential hazards that may be encountered when undertaking the works. They outline specific safety requirements when on the site.

To perform work within a water and waste facility, or on a transport and infrastructure construction site, it is mandatory to complete the online safety induction. You must produce a current induction card when presenting to the facility or site.

Company representatives

If you represent a company, you are required to register your company details before your workers can complete their inductions. You can do so by registering at City of Gold Coast online induction – company registration.


Subcontractors and workers are required to register your details and complete the relevant online site inductions. You must produce your current induction card when presenting to any facility. Please do so by logging in at City of Gold Coast online induction – login.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I forget my password?

The online induction system enables you to self-register and manage your own passwords. If you forget your password, simply click 'Forgot password'.

Are assessments required as part of the induction?

Some assessments may be necessary depending on which induction you are required to do. You have the option of revisiting the induction content prior to completing the assessment if you need to.

Can I see which of my workers have been inducted?

You can see which of your co-workers have been inducted by using your company login details to access your company dashboard. Click on 'View all staff for my company'.

Further assistance

View helpful information below on how to use our online site safety induction system:

If you require more information, email