Screen Access Program

This new program specifically encourages Gold Coast individuals and businesses in the screen and creative industries to generate and grow their expertise and resources.

Council's Screen Access Program is designed to:

  • grow the expertise and capacity of local Gold Coast screen businesses and content creators
  • market the City of Gold Coast as a highly desirable production centre for the screen industry
  • increase screen production to generate additional economic activity for the city
  • create ongoing employment opportunities for Gold Coast residents who work or are associated with the screen industry.


To provide opportunities for Gold Coast screen industry professionals and businesses to:

  • build networks with successful production companies, broadcasters and industry decision makers
  • access established and successful industry experts to mentor Gold Coast industry professionals on specific projects or a production slate
  • expand Gold Coast screen businesses' production capabilities and infrastructure
  • provide training to emerging filmmakers in key areas of skills shortages
  • provide training for filmmakers wishing to transition into new areas of expertise in the industry.


To be eligible to apply for this scheme, applicants must:

  • be a resident of the Gold Coast for a minimum of 2 years as demonstrated by electoral enrolment
  • be a Gold Coast screen business which includes entities that are film and television production companies, corporate and commercial production companies, post-production facilities, games, animation and visual effects studios
  • be an individual or screen business with a minimum two-year professional track record of screen production or content creation
  • be the individual or screen business responsible for undertaking the activities of the proposed project
  • demonstrate how the funding will expand and grow the industry professional's projects, career pathway or a screen business' operation
  • include projects such as feature films, television programs (including documentaries), digital and online series (including web series).

Short films and student productions are ineligible for this program.

Assessment criteria

Applications will be reviewed by the below investment criteria:

  • Return on investment of Council funds
  • Ability of the industry professional or screen business to deliver outcomes
  • Benefits to the Gold Coast screen industry


Funding will be provided following a review of the proposal in accordance with the assessment criteria, the identified outcomes of the proposal and the submitted application budget. Generally, Council will expect to see a return on investment of 10:1 where funding is part of the overall budget for the proposal. Proposal budgets should include funding from other sources such as in-kind, sponsorships, investments etc. Council will not provide funding where it is the only investor in a proposal.

Funding will be available as per the below:

Details Funding amount
Applications for training opportunities in skills shortage areas or career transition Up to a maximum of $10,000
Applications from individuals to build networks or attach mentors Up to a maximum of $25,000
Applications for screen industry businesses to expand capabilities and infrastructure Up to a maximum of $50,000

Funding will be provided on submission and approval of delivery materials in accordance with agreed contractual milestones.

Applicants may be required to undertake Screen Producers Australia's ‘Screen Business Essentials’ or a similar business workshop as part of their contractual obligations. If applicants are engaging an expert to assist their projects, documentation to confirm the engagement of the expert will be required.


Deliverables materials and milestones will be included in the contract. These will generally include items as below:

  • Final report on the activities and outcomes of the proposal
  • Business plan for ongoing growth
  • Final budget noting how Council funds were spent and the outcomes achieved
  • Publicity and promotional materials acknowledging Council's support

Apply now

Applicants must supply the following application materials:

  • completed application form (below)
  • ASIC company information
  • details of the individual or screen business applying including screen industry track record, details of key creatives, stage of career or business operation
  • 3- to 5-page outline of the project proposal including purpose of funding, background, why funding is required, what will be achieved, how funding will grow, expand and benefit the individual or company, identify the career and business outcomes
  • detailed budget that outlines specific costs required to undertake the project plus information on any in-kind funding, sponsorship and 3rd party investment
  • timeline for the outcomes to be achieved
  • for training or mentoring applications, details of the credentialed course and/or a training program must be submitted
  • details of what will be delivered to Council to acquit funding assistance.

Screen Access Program application form

Submit application online via the City of Gold Coast Smartygrants portal:

Apply now

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