Investment & business attraction program

The Gold Coast is Australia's largest regional city and offers unequalled lifestyle choices in an economy worth more than $38 billion, supporting over 630,000 people and over 70,000 businesses.

The City of Gold Coast has an investment and business attraction program to support continued growth and new investment in the city.

The program is open to both existing local businesses planning for significant expansions, and companies outside the city looking to relocate or invest in new business ventures on the Gold Coast.

The City of Gold Coast will:

  • target growth industries and sectors that contribute the most to the local economy
  • focus on new job creation in priority industries
  • incentivise companies to grow local supply chains
  • attract the businesses, skills and talent that supports sustainable growth.

The investment and business attraction program will do this by:

  • rewarding capital investment and increased local expenditure
  • attracting companies that create and retain jobs in the city
  • promote the global advantages of doing business from the Gold Coast.

What do we consider?

When considering applications to the program, we may take into account up to the first 5 years of the new project in order to maximise the potential investment and employment outcomes.

Proposed activities that may be eligible for incentives include:

  • capital investment and operational expenditure
  • job creation and growth
  • skilled and executive worker relocation
  • retention of major companies.

What incentives do we offer?

Up to $2.5 million in cash rebates for capital investments.

This includes capital investment in:

  • land/building purchases, new construction costs and fitout expenses
  • new plant and equipment for the business
  • development application fees and infrastructure charges
  • non-development infrastructure.

Up to 10% reimbursement of operating expenditure.

This includes expenditure on:

  • annual lease costs for your business
  • research & Development conducted in the city
  • staff relocation expenses
  • re-shored expenditure and business won for local businesses.

Up to $10,000 per eligible employee or job created.

  • Scaled incentives based on industry
  • Focused on creation skilled jobs and highly productive positions
  • Incentives based on Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs)
  • Additional relocation assistance packages on offer

A range of non-financial assistance packages including:

  • streamlined development applications
  • site selection assistance
  • network introductions and government facilitation
  • ongoing business support.

Who is eligible?

Our program targets companies wanting to move or expand to the Gold Coast. We also seek to accelerate reinvestment in significant expansion projects for existing local businesses. The program focuses on businesses and industry sectors that can demonstrate the greatest positive impact on the local economy.

Applicants interested in applying for the New Investment and Business Attraction Program must:

  • have a proven track record in business, with the capabilities (technical, managerial, financial, etc.) to carry out the proposed activity
  • have been operating profitably for at least the past 2 years, or be able to demonstrate performance that is better than its industry or the market as a whole
  • provide significant economic benefits to the city that will result in the creation of sustainable jobs for the local workforce
  • have, or can get, an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • present a commercially viable project/activity in the absence of any financial assistance that may be provided by Council
  • not cause significant detriment to, and/or be a substitute for, existing businesses located in the Gold Coast
  • not compromise national and international obligations for Queensland and Australia.

Final approval is at the discretion of the City of Gold Coast. All offers of financial assistance are subject to contractual obligations.

To find out if you qualify for the program, please contact us with some basic details of your business and/or the proposed project.

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