Partnership program

Our priority is supporting your business. We welcome opportunities to partner with you on new initiatives.

If you have a new business initiative designed to deliver a high economic benefit to our city, you may be eligible for our partnership program.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be a business, organisation, or government agency (including government business enterprises)
  • Have operated for at least 2 consecutive financial years and currently be solvent
  • Demonstrate how your initiative meets at least one of the Council Plan 2022 - 2027 themes:
    - Diverse thriving economy
    - Vibrant lifestyle
    - Connected community
    - Naturally unique
    - Liveable places
    - One City
  • Demonstrate how your initiative aligns with at least one of the priorities in our Economic Strategy 2022 - 2027:
    - Sustainable economic future
    - Talented
    - Connected
    - High Performance
  • Demonstrate how your initiative will meet 2 or more of the following criteria:
    - Support growth of our local community and/or business community
    - Promote and increase collaborative opportunities for community, business and industry
    - Increase business, export, supply chain and/or investment attraction opportunities for our city
  • How outcomes and performance will be measured.

Please note: We may only approve one application per organisation per financial year.

Applications must be submitted at least 3 months before the initiative’s scheduled start date.

How to apply

Email details about your initiative and how you meet the eligibility criteria to: