Exporter Training Program

Do you need to develop your exporting knowledge? Our free training program helps your business reduce the time, cost and risks associated with developing export markets overseas. A national export industry expert delivers two full-day workshops. These are focused on growing business to business (B2B) sales in overseas markets, for local products and service businesses.

Program details

The two workshops are:

  1. Emerging exporters

    For those new to the export industry, in this session you will learn the how to develop and execute an export plan. A good refresher, too, for existing exporters.
  2. Growing exporters

    This session is an advanced session. Learn about the critical success factors for exporters to achieve success in overseas markets.

Both sessions address general barriers to key export markets for small to large companies. The Australian market is small by global comparison. These sessions enable local businesses to tap into the global marketplace. We help you find the best suited markets and channels for your products.

We cover most sectors and topics include:

  • market selection – current trends and opportunities, channels to market
  • risk management – foreign currency, partner engagement and Intellectual Property
  • processes – shipping, documentation, agreements and market development
  • resource allocation – leveraging your investment.

All participants in the program must provide ongoing evaluation to us. We use this for reporting and for future workshop planning to ensure we meet exporter needs.