Private building certifier information

Private building certifiers lodge the following documents with us for archiving purposes, within the Building Act 1975 timeframes:

  • Notice of Engagement (form 56)
  • Application and approval documents
    • Forms 1, 2, 20
    • Decision notice
    • Plans and reports marked as relating to the application
    • Design certificates (form 15)
    • Referral agency notices
    • Documents to support the application
    • Change application (form 5)
  • All inspection documentation
    • Form 12, 15, 16, 43, 61, 62 and 71 certificates
    • Final certificate (form 11, 17, 21, 29)
    • Notice of discontinuance (form 22)
    • Lapsing reminder notice (form 57)

Download the relevant forms from the Business Queensland website.

Payment of a one-off fee is required when archiving the building approval. For information about archiving fees and refunds, refer to our Register of fees & charges.

If you have questions about lodgement, please call us on 07 5667 5978

How to find an existing private certifier application (PCA) number

An existing PCA number can be located using the City's PD Online service.

RREQ stormwater and flood self-certification option for small scale developments

Starting 3 June 2024, Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ) can self-certify low-risk stormwater and flood designed requirements on small scale developments.

The types of low-risk small scale developments are listed in the Self-certification Parameters Table in the following form.

Please download and complete the form and lodge it with your development application.

Self-certification template(DOCX, 1MB)

The self-certification process is only for small scale developments that meet the following criteria:

  • the proposal requires assessment against the City Plan and
  • where State Planning Policy (SPP) thresholds are not exceeded.

The process is only for RPEQ engineers who seek confirmation of self-certification from Council.

Geographic exceptions

Jefferson Lane, Palm Beach
Parts of Southport – view Southport exclusions map(PDF, 470KB)

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