Buying & researching property

If you're looking to buy or sell property on the Gold Coast, you may find information you need here. We offer a range of searches and reports. Before buying a property, it's a good idea to do some research first. You can find out about building or planning approvals, and how planning constraints might affect a property.

This can help avoid issues such as:

  • costs to get approvals or undertake rectification works to bring buildings up to standard
  • issues with home and contents insurance policies or payout
  • impacts to the value or resale potential of the property.

We provide this information as a guide only. It's recommended you seek legal advice and consult your real estate agent about your circumstances.

Research request online form

The Search Request online form can be used to obtain the following searches:

  • Building approvals
  • Building plans
  • Drainage plans
  • Health search
  • Trade waste
  • Planning & development certificates
  • Copy of decision notice or plan of development
  • Mapping search
  • Confirmation of development approval that is in effect/has not lapsed

Move through the form to find the search you would like to submit.

Fees are payable for all searches. Find fee information for different search requests in Search request fees and charges(PDF, 245KB)