Flood maps

For information during a rain or flooding event, please refer to our emergency dashboard – dashboard.cityofgoldcoast.com.au/

The following maps provide information on flood affected areas and the likelihood of flood. Maps are best viewed using a larger device.

Flood depth map

You can use this map if you want to know if a property is in a flood affected area. The map is based on the likelihood of an infrequent flood event occurring (1% annual chance).

This map reflects the flood depth (in centimetres or metres) based on the defined flood level and estimated ground level mapped in the City Plan. If you want to buy a property or build on or develop land, you can see if a property is in a flood affected area as well as see the approximate flood depth and defined flood level for each property. For more information, visit City Plan interactive mapping.

Flood insurance map

You can use the information in this map to help you discuss a suitable flood insurance policy for your property.

This map shows if a property could be affected by flooding in 5 different flood scenarios – from frequent to extremely rare (20% to 0.05% annual chance). It does not include future climate change factors because although we plan and build for the future, we insure for the year ahead. We will regularly update this map to show present day flood risks.

This mapping has been provided to the Insurance Council of Australia. For more information, visit their web page Flood insurance explained.

If you have any questions about flood insurance, please contact your insurance provider or the Insurance Council of Australia.

Flood risk awareness map

This map is the newest city-wide flood map based on our latest flood modelling. It is made available for flood risk awareness information only. The map is currently being reviewed by the State Government as part of the proposed Designing for Flood Major Update to the City Plan.

We considered how deep and how fast flood waters would be in different statistical flood scenarios for city planning purposes and we have included all our city floodplains on the map.

Flood risk is calculated using flood 'likelihood' (very frequent to extremely rare) and flood hazard information. The map has the following flood risk categories:

Map key category Description
Maximum regional flood extent Only floods in very rare to extreme flood events (very low likelihood of occurring). The maximum extent of the floodplain associated with extremely rare events and can include flood hazard of any type (low to very high).
Low risk Exposed to relatively lower hazards during a frequent or infrequent flood event. High flood hazards can only occur during a rare and extremely rare flood event, when it is unsafe for people, and vehicles and buildings may be damaged by the movement of flood water.
Medium risk Unsafe for people. Vehicles and buildings may be damaged by the movement of flood water during a rare flood event. Flood events can either be rare with high flood hazard or relatively frequent with lower flood hazard.
High risk Unsafe for people. Vehicles and buildings may be damaged by the movement of flood water. Flood events are both relatively frequent and usually of a high flood hazard.
Very high risk Unsafe for people. Vehicles and buildings may be damaged by the movement of flood water during a frequent flood. Flood events are both frequent and usually of the highest flood hazard.

For information about the progress of the City Plan flood update, go to the ‘Designing for flood (Major update)’ tab on the City Plan amendments page.

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