Changes to development approvals

A change application may be required to:

  • change an existing approval
  • change the timeframes of an approval
  • check if your development meets our requirements.

Types of change applications

Minor change

A change can be considered as a minor change if the proposed change does not:

  • result in 'substantially different development'
  • include prohibited development
  • introduce impact assessment where previously code
  • introduce new grounds for assessment by a referral agency
  • introduce a new or additional referral agency.

A minor change to the development would not be substantially different development where the change does not:

  • involve a new use
  • apply to a new parcel of land
  • dramatically change the built form
  • change the operation of the development from that intended
  • impact on traffic flow or transport networks
  • introduce new impacts, or increase severity of new impacts
  • remove an offset component
  • impact on infrastructure provisions
  • remove a component that is integral to the operation of the development.

A minor change application is assessed in accordance with s81 of the Planning Act 2016 and will not be publicly notified.

Pre-request response notice request

A Pre-request response notice request is a change application pursuant to s80(2) of the Planning Act 2016. This change application is assessed to determine if:

  • the affected entity objects to the change; and
  • the reasons for any objection.

Other change

A request for a change to the development approval where the change involves substantially different development will be assessed in accordance with s82 of the Planning Act 2016 and the Development Assessment Rules. Assessment timeframes are the same as a new application and may require public notification of the change.


For a minor or other change, you can request a change to an existing development approval, subject to the following:

  • the original application was decided by Council
  • the original application was decided by the Planning and Environment Court and the change is for a minor change and there were no properly made submissions for the original application
  • the change is for a minor change to a development condition imposed by a referral agency (not Council).

Extension applications

Before a development application lapses, you may apply to extend a currency period of a development approval. The currency period is the time period within which the actions must occur before the approval lapses.

Approvals generally specify the currency period. If not stated, the currency periods under the Planning Act 2016 are:

  • Material change of use: 6 years for the first change of use to start
  • Reconfiguring a lot not requiring operational works: 4 years for the subdivision plan for the reconfiguration to be lodged to Council for plan sealing
  • Building works: 2 years for the development to substantially start
  • Operational works: 2 years for the development to substantially start.

Note: Currency periods under a different Act may differ to the above. A request to extend the currency period of a development approval must be lodged before the currency period lapses.