Development application process

All councils in Queensland have a common system for receiving and assessing development applications which is guided by the Planning Act 2016 and the current version of the Development Assessment Rules.

There are five key parts to the development assessment process:

Part 1: Application

Lodge the application with the required forms, plans and supporting information.

Part 2: Referral

We ask other people to look at the application if it impacts them: this may include the Queensland Government.

Part 3: Information request

We do this if we need more information about any part of the application.

Part 4: Public notification

The time when members of the public can look at the application and comment on it. This is only done for complex applications (impact assessable).

Part 5: Decision

We decide whether to approve the application or not.

Adjoining landowner search request

If you require contact information for adjoining landowners, please submit the following online form.

We aim to provide requested details within 5 business days. Note: We will only provide information on properties that have been nominated on the form.

Applicants for development applications should undertake their own separate investigations about the details of adjoining landowners.

All efforts are made to ensure the information we provide is accurate and correct. We don't accept responsibility or liability for incorrect details.

Submit adjoining landowner search request

Appealing a decision

After a development application has been decided, the Planning Act 2016 specifies certain instances where the applicant or another party can appeal the decision. This includes anyone who made a properly made submission during the public notification period.


For further information on the development application process such as lapsing of an application, missed referral agency and stopping a current period please refer to the current version of the Development Assessment Rules. To track your DA, contact the Assessment Manager assessing the application by phone or email to confirm its current status. Alternatively, an applicant can view the progress of an application via PD Online.

For a detailed explanation of the steps involved, visit the Queensland Government's webpage.