Standard vehicular crossing

Under the City Plan, standard vehicular crossings (VXOs) are accepted development subject to standard requirements which include width, grade and separation.

If the crossing complies with the required outcomes of table 9.4.2-2 of the City Plan, it is a standard crossing.

Complete a questionnaire on our Driveways & vehicular crossings page to work out if an application is required and which type.

If the shape of ground (distance and gradient) between roadside kerb and the property boundary line does not allow a standard VXO to be fitted, you are required to obtain a development permit for operational works for a VXO.

A standard VXO requires an application to construct a standard accepted development vehicle crossing.

To issue an approval, we rely on information provided by applicants. We only conduct compliance inspections.

Please note:

  • A separate application and fee is required for each proposed standard VXO.
  • We make decisions based on the information provided by applicants.
  • Where documents and drawings do not reflect the existing circumstances of the site, you might be required to submit additional information/applications to obtain approval, resulting in extra costs and time for us to reach an appropriate decision.

VXO application general conditions

Applicants are responsible for ensuring a compliant VXO can fit between the road and the property boundary line. Refer to the standard drawings in related information for details.

After payment has been made, please allow 3 business days before booking an inspection.

If your application is refused, we provide the reasons for the refusal. A new application may be made with the payment of applicable fees.

An acknowledgement letter will be issued in response to the submission of the application. The approval and associated approval letter will be provided following a successful completion of both the pre pour and post pour inspection.

By making this application, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the VXO application and any other conditions that may be issued with the approval. Please refer to the general conditions in the related information section of this page.

Set out for placement of concrete

Where a VXO is approved in accordance with one of the applicable standard drawings, you may set out placement of concrete on receipt of the VXO application number.

However, pouring of concrete must not occur until a pre-pour inspection is successfully completed.

Failure to comply

Failure to comply with the approval conditions or with any notices issued by Council may result in penalty infringement notices (on-the-spot fines), legal action, or both being taken against the applicant and owner of the property.

How to apply

Use this form to apply to construct a standard vehicular crossing.


Step 1.Gather your documents

You must submit the following supporting items with your application:

  • a detailed site plan showing the location of the proposed vehicular crossing, measurements, surface finishes, and the location of any trees, stormwater gullies, street furniture and infrastructure, including water meter boxes and sewer manholes, etc.
  • payment of the application fee.

Step 2.Complete and submit our online form

Once you have all your supporting documentation, complete and submit your application form.

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