Express development applications

Building and construction COVID–19 economic stimulus incentive – permanent 20% reduction of Express Development Application fees will apply from the 28 October 2021.

Express development application (Express DA) is a fast-tracked development assessment process for low-complexity applications.

Express DAs are usually assessed within 10 to 15 business days from acceptance of a properly made application.

Our Express development - applicant guidelines(PDF, 1MB) explain:

  • the Express DA process from start to finish
  • types of applications which can be processed through Express DA
  • standard of information needed to make an application.

Eligible applications

The following land use activities are eligible to progress through the Express DA process:

  • dual occupancy
  • multiple dwelling (3 to 10 dwellings)
  • food and drink outlet
  • health care services
  • office
  • shop
  • low-impact industry
  • warehouse.

Applications assessed under the Express DA process must meet all eligibility requirements detailed in the Express development application – applicant guidelines.

Express DA guidelines, forms, templates and resources

Visit Express development applications resources for:

  • applicant guidelines – learn about the Express DA process, eligible application types and required information
  • City Plan code templates – accepted to code assessment. These are code templates for accepted to code assessment Express DAs only
  • code template examples
  • planning report templates
  • planning report examples
  • fact sheets
  • Express DA governance framework.

Lodging an Express DA

The information below will help you to apply for an Express development application (Express DA), suitable for low complexity applications.

How to apply

Step 1. Check your eligibility

Check if your application meets the eligibility requirements detailed in the Express development application – applicant guidelines(PDF, 1MB)

Step 2. Prepare your application

Prepare your application following the Express development application resources

Step 3. Submit your application for a pre-submission review

All Express DAs must go through a pre-submission review to make sure the application has all the necessary information for assessment and is ready to lodge.

The pre-submission review is mandatory for all potential Express DA applications and can be lodged via email, by mail or in person.

Step 4. Finalise your application

Once you receive a Lodgement Ready Letter from us you can lodge your application for assessment online, by mail or in person.

More information

For more information about Express DA, call our Planning Enquiries Centre on 07 5582 8708.


We appreciate feedback. If you would like to send feedback on the Express DA process, please email:

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