Home-based business

A home-based business can operate from a dwelling where the business is secondary to the residence.

Examples include:

  • home office
  • home-based childcare.

It does not include:

  • office
  • shop.

When you don't need approval

A development approval is not needed when you:

  • are located in a residential zone; and
  • meet the required outcomes of the City Plan Home-based business code – navigate to Part A – Accepted development subject to requirements (table 9.3.11-1); and
  • any other applicable code (e.g. a zone code), to view the list of zone codes visit the City Plan and navigate to Part 6 Zones 6.1 Preliminary; and
  • are not proposing a bed and breakfast (B&B).

Please note: A City Plan overlay may trigger the need for a development approval, visit the City Plan interactive mapping tool to view your property and any relevant overlays.

Some activities such as food preparation may require a food permit. It is recommended that you visit Permits & licensing for further information.

When you do need approval

If your home-based business does not meet the required outcomes outlined above, you will need to lodge a Material change of use development application before you start operating your business from home. For more information on how to lodge an application, go to Material change of use.

A fee for lodging a development application will depend on the type and size of the development and other factors. These fees are set out in our Register of fees & charges.