Management plans

A management plan may be required to comply with conditions imposed on a development approval. These plans are required to consider the management of impacts associated with works undertaken in connection with a development. Management plans are usually required to be approved before building or other works can begin.

The types of management plan we may require include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction management plan
  • Environmental management plan (e.g. acid sulphate, bushfire)
  • Maintenance management plan (e.g. open space, stormwater).

Construction management plans

Construction management plans are designed to minimise disruption to the local community while works are occurring. A construction management plan must be approved before building works can start on site. Construction management plans address a range of health, safety, traffic management and amenity issues relating to the construction site and surrounding area.

Environmental management plan

Environmental management plans:

  • describe how the proposed development will impact on the ecological features of the site and/or existing conditions (e.g. hydraulics, stormwater) external to the site
  • identify how impacts will be avoided, minimised and managed so the assessment benchmarks of the relevant code can be met.

Please note: there are no fees associated with environmental management plans for noise, dust and vibration. To proceed with lodgement without being asked to pay, applicants must be logged in as a registered user and select the pay later option.

Maintenance management plans are required to outline how a specific component of the development is to be managed and maintained. The plan is to detail the ongoing maintenance responsibilities and actions to be undertaken to ensure the continued operation of the identified component for the life of the development.