Temporary ground anchors

Temporary ground anchors are commonly used in construction as part of deep excavation works such as basements.

Installing temporary ground anchors on Council owned or controlled land

You must apply for a permit when the temporary anchors will be on Council owned or controlled land including road reserves. Fees apply. See application form for details.

Temporary ground anchor bonds

A Temporary ground anchor (TRO) bond is required before work begins. A TRO bond of $5000 per anchor to a maximum value of $150,000 applies. The bond ensures anchors are removed and any damage caused to the road reserve and/or services as a result of works is repaired. The bond amount will be a condition of the permit.

Temporary relocation of Council service

If you need a Council owned or maintained service (e.g. water, sewer) to be relocated to install ground anchors, you must get Operational works (minor works) approval before an approval for the installation of ground anchors can be issued. Visit our Operational works page.

For application fees, see our Register of fees & charges.

Permanent anchors

Permits for permanent anchors will not be issued. Tendon/s of any ground anchors must be removed.

Ground anchors on private property

To install ground anchors on private property, you will need the approval of the relevant property owner.