Waterfront revetment walls

A waterfront revetment wall is a permanent structure designed to protect land from erosion and subsidence adjacent to waterways and the ocean.

Protecting your waterfront property

Waterfront landowners are responsible for the maintenance of revetment walls on their property. A body corporate is responsible for revetment walls that benefit community title developments.

Revetment walls can collapse if they are not regularly maintained, especially during rainfall and flood events. We recommend that waterfront landowners engage qualified professional engineers to assess and report on the structural integrity of their revetment wall as well as ongoing maintenance. Under Local Law No. 17, we can require a landowner to maintain a revetment wall.

Building approval

Constructing a revetment wall usually needs approval under State legislation and/or our City Plan. Maintenance works that involve reconstruction of a wall, modifying its shape, position or materials will usually require a new approval. For information on approvals, go to our Operational works page or contact us on 07 5585 8866.

Building records

Many revetment walls are constructed by developers as part of larger housing estates. Information about these walls may not be held in our records for an individual property.

More information

Contact our Operational works team on 07 5582 8866.