Robina Central development

The Robina Central Planning Agreement (RCPA) grants specific rights under the Local Government (Robina Central Planning Agreement) Act 1992. Development of land within the RCPA is not assessed against Council's City Plan or the Planning Act 2016 but rather against the provisions of the RCPA.

Plan of development – Robina only

The plan of development (POD) is effectively the land use, design and building code for the area it covers. Land uses are nominated for each POD area. Each development application for those land uses is assessed as 'permitted development subject to conditions' (similar to a code assessable application would be assessed under City Plan).

Under the RCPA you can change a plan of development at any time with the consent of Council and Robina Land Corporation / Queensland Investment Corporation.

A final development approval application can only be made over a site that has a POD in place.

Final development approval (FDA)

The RCPA master plan includes many sites, each with their own plan of development (POD). The POD provides the land use, design and building code for the area it covers. Specific land uses are set for each plan of development area.

Defined as "permitted development subject to conditions", these need an FDA. It is similar to a code assessable application assessed under City Plan.

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