Development compliance

Development approvals

Development approvals are generally required for any construction and building works, or changes of land use for all properties across the city. Development approvals are attached to the land and are the responsibility of all subsequent owners. This means the responsibility of complying with the conditions falls to the owner of the property until the use ceases or changes.

We ensure any development complies with its conditions of approval or with the provisions of our planning scheme, City Plan.

You can use our PD Online service to find information about a development approval for a specific property to:

  • enquire about a property
  • track development applications
  • search maps
  • find City Plan information.

Building works

Most building works will need a building approval that is required by law and the City Plan. Building works are generally issued by a private certifier and lodged with us. Types of building works include additional structures like garden sheds, carports, awnings, decks, and hard annexes that are temporary or permanent. Approvals may also be required for any additional structures built within caravan parks.

Works completed without obtaining the correct approvals are deemed unlawful building works. We can take enforcement action if you do not have the correct certification.

To check if your proposed building work requires an approval, please visit Do your building works need approval?

For information about common types of building and plumbing works and their approval requirements, see our Building and Plumbing pages.

Caravan park safety

Additional structures built within caravan parks such as garden sheds, carports, awnings, decks, and hard annexes usually require a building approval unless self-assessable or exempt under the City Plan.

A caravan may have started life as registered and movable. However, once a caravan is no longer registered and moveable it is classed as a building so it needs all the relevant approvals required by law and the City Plan.

The City is committed to ensuring that all habitable structures are safe for its occupants and the wider community. Buildings and structures constructed without the correct building approvals and inspections may present fire safety and structural risks.

For information about the dangers of building additional structures without the correct approvals, view the Home park building and structure safety guideline(PDF, 4MB).

Any works completed without obtaining the correct approvals are deemed unlawful building works and an enforcement action can be imposed by the City if the correct certification is not complied with.

For information on building works visit Do your building works need approval?

For caravan park information visit Camping area licence.

Unlawful development

We manage and investigate community allegations reported about unlawful development and building works to ensure better quality development and community safety.

To report a problem with dangerous building or development, earthworks, party houses and illegal use of a property visit Report a problem – Development Compliance.

Town planning final inspections

We manage final inspections for Material Change of Use (MCU) applications. A City officer will attend the inspection and advise if the conditions of the development approval have been met.

To book an inspection, please use the following online form.

Book town planning final inspection

You can also email or call us on 07 5667 5978.

Short-term accommodation in dwellings

Short-term accommodation is defined in the Planning Regulation 2017 as "the use of premises for:

  1. providing accommodation of less than 3 consecutive months to tourist or travellers; or
  2. a manager’s residence, office or recreation facilities for the exclusive use of guests, if the use is ancillary to the use in (1)."

This type of short-term accommodation differs to home-based businesses (bed and breakfast) and party houses.

For information download the Short-term accommodation in dwellings fact sheet(PDF, 248KB).