Infrastructure charges resolution

The Council of the City of Gold Coast Charges Resolution (Charges Resolution) is our current infrastructure charging regime and applies to developments approved from 1 July 2015. Although the Charges Resolution is not part of the City Plan, it is attached to it. Its purpose is to set out how and when infrastructure charges will be applied to City development. It also provides required sections dealing with:

  • criteria for deciding conversion applications
  • methodology for valuing trunk infrastructure for offsets and refunds
  • details of applicable credits.

Charges Resolution, 'No. 1 of 2023' is effective from 28 September 2023 and relevant for development approvals from that date. It replaces the existing Council of the City of Gold Coast Charges Resolution (No.1) of 2022.

The Charges Resolution sets the adopted charges for providing trunk infrastructure for development within the City's local government area. The Charges Resolution includes changes to align with the recent amendment to the Local Government Infrastructure Plan as well as administrative changes (including a new format to improve readability).

Full details are contained in the Charges Resolution (No.1) of 2023 below.


The creation of the Charges Resolution was a requirement of legislative changes arising from the Sustainable Planning (Infrastructure Charges) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 (SPICOLA). The Charges Resolution supersedes the Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution v1.4 as the framework for infrastructure charging within the City of Gold Coast.

Amendments to the Charges Resolution are listed below.