Street naming

As part of the development process, developers are responsible for naming the new streets they create. Developers must apply for approval of street names.

Proposed names are assessed against the City Plan Land Development Guidelines SC6., the Australian Standards for Rural and Urban Addressing AS4819:2011.

Our policies and procedures ensure that:

  • Emergency Services can easily locate properties in an emergency
  • names comply with Federal, State, and Local government requirements so that residents can easily navigate around our city.

Street names must not be:

  • offensive or likely to give offence
  • difficult to pronounce
  • deemed incongruous (out of place)
  • contain slang words.

Visit the Queensland Government website to find out more about how addresses are determined.  

Name a new street

Apply online to name a new street, or extensions of public and private roads.

Applications must be lodged before the Operational works approval, so the new road names are labelled on the approved drawings. No fees apply.

Applications will be assessed within 20 business days of lodgement.


Step 1.Gather your documents

You will need to submit a copy of your proposed street naming map with your application.

Step 2.Complete and submit our online form

Apply online

Rename an existing street

Occasionally, Council may need to rename an existing street. We have the authority under Local Law 11 (Roads and Malls) 2008 to rename a street or part of a street. Residents of the affected street are notified before any change occurs.

A member of the public can request the renaming of an existing street. However, an application will only be considered if a street renaming survey is completed and signed by at least 50% of the property owners in the street.

Submit a written request that includes:

  • detailed reasons why the street should be renamed
  • a street renaming survey signed by at least 50% of the property owners in the street
  • a map with the street clearly marked.

Email to: