PD Online

We are currently receiving a high number of submissions across multiple development applications. We are working through the backlog to make these available for public viewing and appreciate your patience and support.

Use PD Online to find property information and search for development applications by property or by application number.

Access PD Online

For help on how to use PD Online, contact us on 07 5582 8708.

Property enquiry

Search for a property and review mapping information (e.g. zones and overlays) using our City Plan interactive mapping tool. Enter your address in the search field of our City Plan interactive mapping tool to view and print a City Plan property report. (For units and apartments enter the street number only into the address search field.)

To track development applications, see the Access PD Online section above.

To find out how to request written reports for a property, e.g. rates and water searches, building records, flood information, etc., visit Buying & researching property.