Infrastructure planning

Long-term planning and funding of infrastructure for our growing city is critical to maintaining our lifestyle.

Infrastructure includes:

  • transport (roads and pathways)
  • stormwater
  • water supply and sewage treatment
  • public parks (parks and sporting facilities)
  • land for community facilities (land for libraries and community centres).

Local Government Infrastructure Plan

On 27 June 2018, we implemented a Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) as Part 4 of the City Plan. The LGIP is required under the Planning Act 2016 and outlines Council's vision for trunk infrastructure over the next 15 years. In July 2019, the LGIP stormwater quality amendment was included in the Plan.

We are currently updating the LGIP and we are planning to deliver an amendment next year. The amendment will have a horizon to 2041, providing a vision for the next 21 years.

For further information, visit LGIP amendment


  • The LGIP outlines our vision for trunk infrastructure services to meet the needs of our growing community.
  • It summarises where trunk infrastructure will be delivered, when it will be delivered and how it will be delivered.
  • An LGIP must contain the following trunk infrastructure networks: water supply, sewerage, transport, stormwater and public parks and land for community facilities.
  • The plan gives transparent information to developers and businesses about our future infrastructure plans.
  • Under this plan we can continue to provide infrastructure in an efficient, coordinated and financially sustainable way.
  • The LGIP will be reviewed regularly and amended with the City Plan.

To view the LGIP components, go to:

Approval by Minister and Appointed Reviewer compliance statement for the LGIP Stormwater quality amendment.

LGIP extrinsic materials

Water Supply and Sewerage Infrastructure Plan 2019

On 4 November 2019, the Water Supply and Sewerage Infrastructure Plan 2019 commenced. This plan forms part of the City of Gold Coast's Water Netserv Plan 2019.This is Council's plan that demonstrates satisfactory provision of water supply and sewerage services under the South East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009. The plan also includes Council's most up to date planning for its water supply and sewerage trunk infrastructure networks. To the extent this plan identifies infrastructure or standards (including desired standards of service) for either network that are different to those identified in the LGIP, Council will use this plan for the purposes of preparing trunk infrastructure conditions. Developers and their consultants are encouraged to review this plan when preparing development applications.