Infrastructure planning (LGIP)

Our city is one of the fastest growing in Australia. It is important we make sure that as the city grows, we plan, build and maintain trunk infrastructure the community needs such as:

  • transport (roads and pathways)
  • stormwater
  • water supply and sewage treatment
  • public parks (parks and sporting facilities)
  • land for community facilities (land for libraries and community centres).

We provide this infrastructure through our programs as well as requiring property developers to contribute, for example, by providing roads and paths as part of their development approvals.

Local Government Infrastructure Plan

Our Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) shows our vision for delivering trunk infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing city. The LGIP includes:

  • growth projections
  • location and timing of planned infrastructure
  • costs of delivering infrastructure.

This video explains how our LGIP works.

On 23 May 2023 Council adopted an amendment to the LGIP to service growth predicted over the next 21 years. The LGIP amendment is part of our City Plan and commenced as part of City Plan version 10 on 4 July 2023. An administrative amendment to correct drafting errors was adopted by Council on 25 January 2024. It commenced as part of City Plan version 11 on 6 February 2024.

You can access the LGIP via the following links:

View City Plan, Part 4

City Plan, Part 4 Local government infrastructure plan shows planning assumptions and standards of trunk infrastructure service we want to deliver.

View City Plan, Schedule 3

City Plan, Schedule 3 Local government infrastructure plan mapping and supporting material shows predicted growth, trunk infrastructure demand, schedules and costs.

View City Plan interactive mapping

City Plan interactive mapping – LGIP shows what trunk infrastructure we are planning, where and when.

Schedule of works model(XLSX, 9MB)
The schedule of works model lists the major infrastructure we need to service growth, along with its estimated cost and timing.

Water Supply and Sewerage Infrastructure Plan

The Water Supply and Sewerage Infrastructure Plan 2019 (WSSIP) is now incorporated into the LGIP.

To access the WSSIP and Water Netserv Plan, please visit Our plans.