LGIP amendment

Every year the City of Gold Coast invests in new and upgraded trunk infrastructure to facilitate growth on the Gold Coast.

The draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) Amendment was open for public consultation from 1 to 19 August 2022. During the public consultation period we received 40 submissions: 22 submissions from members of the public, community groups and industry bodies and 18 submissions made on behalf of the City. We have now considered all submissions and these have been categorised into approximately 70 separate points for consideration.

Submissions are important to us and we endeavour to work with the community and industry in planning and delivering the City’s trunk infrastructure. We have prepared a Draft LGIP Amendment Consultation Report which provides a response to all submissions received. You can also visit one of our Customer Service Centres to view the report in hard copy.

Draft LGIP Amendment Consultation Report(PDF, 4MB)

Draft LGIP amendment package

The draft LGIP amendment package is made up of:

Approval by Minister and State Government Appointed Reviewer compliance statement

Draft LGIP amendment and documents

Extrinsic materials

Extrinsic material includes background studies, reports and supporting information that informed the preparation of the proposed LGIP amendment.

Schedule of Works

The Schedule of Works provides the list of trunk infrastructure proposed in the future, as well as their estimated costs.

Draft LGIP amendment timeline

Table with two columns, date/period and stage of draft LGIP amendment
Timeframe Stage of Draft LGIP amendment
Up to March 2022 - Prepare draft LGIP
- Review by State Appointed Reviewer
- Council approval to proceed to first Queensland Government review
April – June 2022 Queensland Government review
August 2022 Community and industry have their say through consultation
September to October 2022 - City responds and amends based on public submissions
- Council approval to proceed to second Queensland Government review
Early 2023 Final Queensland Government review
Mid 2023 Anticipated Council adoption and gazettal

Next steps

The draft LGIP amendment has now been sent to the State Government for the Minister’s consideration for adoption.