Animal ownership requirements

A responsible owner prevents their pet being a nuisance or danger to neighbours, the community, and the environment.

If you wish to keep an animal on your property, you must comply with State and Local Laws.

Minimum standards for keeping animals

  • Identify all animals (name and phone number) – ensuring details can be easily found and readable.
  • Provide a suitably sized enclosure to keep the animals safely contained on the property with enough space for each animal to be comfortably kept.
  • Ensure the enclosure is properly maintained and kept in good condition so it doesn't appear unsightly.
  • Clean the enclosure on a weekly basis and ensure it's free from dust, odour and pests.
  • Collect all waste daily and immediately dispose of or store appropriately. This includes food scraps, manure and material likely to become offensive, such as faeces, urine, soiled bedding and litter.
  • Store animal food and waste in sealed vermin-proof containers.
  • Ensure all waste water and run-off from enclosures does not effect adjoining properties.
  • Keep all animals in a manner to prevent noise, odour, pest and environmental nuisance.

Learn more about the additional requirements for specific animals with the minimum standards for keeping animals factsheet(PDF, 282KB).