Animal laws, breaches & fines

We enforce a number of state and local requirements in relation to pet ownership. These requirements of pet owners ensure a safe, happy and healthy environment for pets and the community as a whole.

This page provides an overview of the requirements of pet owners and outlines the penalty points applicable to breaches.

Owner's requirements Penalty units for breaches
Register your dog 2
Keep your dog registration current 2
Ensure your dog registration tag is displayed 2
Keep your dog under effective control 4
Prevent an animal entering a prohibited area 2
Carry a supply of dog waste bags 0.5
Pick up after your pet and dispose of waste 0.5
Microchip dog/cat 2
Keep your pet contained within your property 3
Keep allowable number of pets on your property 5
Keep your pet from being a noise nuisance 2
Meet requirements for holding a permit 2
Advertise, sell or giveaway a dog without a supply number (Breeder Identification Number) and PID information (microchip) 5
Meet the minimum standards for keeping a pet 2
Meet koala conservation requirements for your dog 2

The value of a penalty unit is set by the Queensland Government.

For more information, refer to ownership requirements on keeping pets in the city.

To report problems with animals including barking dogs, other animal noise or odour, roaming animals, or too many pets visit Report a problem – Animals.