Animal laws, breaches & fines

The City enforces a number of state and local requirements in relation to pet ownership. These requirements of pet owners ensure a safe, happy and healthy environment for pets and the community as a whole.

This page provides an overview of the requirements of pet owners and outlines the penalty points applicable to breaches.

Owner's requirements Penalty units for breaches
Register your dog 2
Keep your dog registration current 2
Ensure your dog registration tag is displayed 2
Walk your dog on leash at all times in public 1
Keep your dog under effective control 1
Prevent an animal entering a prohibited area 2
Carry a supply of dog waste bags 0.5
Pick up after your pet and dispose of waste 0.5
Microchip dog/cat 2
Keep your pet contained within your property 2
Keep allowable number of pets on your property 5
Keep your pet from being a noise nuisance 5
Hold a permit if you intend to breed your pet 2
Advertise, sell or giveaway a dog without a supply number (Breeder Identification Number) and PID information (microchip) 5

The value of a penalty unit is set by the Queensland Government.

For more information, refer to ownership requirements on keeping pets in the city.