Koala conservation requirements for dog owners

From 25 August 2023, animal local laws have changed to assist the safe passage of koalas through the landscape, and reduce the number of koalas injured and killed by domestic dogs. These changes are a result of community feedback.

Every Gold Coast resident, no matter where they live, must prevent their dog from contacting and causing harm to a koala known to have entered their property.

There are specific requirements for dog owners who live in a designated koala area to help keep koalas safe. Enforcement action may apply for those not doing the right thing.

To find out if your home is in a koala area, use our interactive map.

All dog owners living in a koala area must ensure the area where their dog can access either:

  • prevents a koala entering the property (koala-exclusion fencing), or
  • provides structures to help a koala escape the property (koala-friendly fencing).

If the property is more than 2000m2, there are some additional requirements. Dog owners must either:

  • confine their dog to a secure area between sunset and sunrise (such as in a dwelling, garage, veranda or crate), or
  • contain their dog in an enclosure having an area less than 2000m2 that prevents a koala entering or helps a koala escape.

Most dog owners will already meet these koala conservation requirements. To find out more, use our easy online tool or download the PDF.

Online tool

Koalas and domestic dogs on the Gold Coast(PDF, 346KB)

The photo gallery below shows how you can help make your backyard safe.

To report a problem, such as inadequate fencing, complete a form online or call us on 07 5667 5990.