Dog exercise area map

Our off leash areas are for everyone to enjoy. Where dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages can play in a safe environment under the supervision of their owners. Please follow the rules in these areas to keep everyone safe.

Dogs must be on leash at all times unless in a signed designated off leash area. Tough penalties apply.

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For your safety, please leave the dog exercise areas when mowing is in progress. Thank you for your cooperation.

Know where you can take your dog

Zoom in on the map below to view the boundaries and facilities at each dog exercise area. When you arrive, check the signs to make sure you are within the boundaries.

Off leash area (green shaded area)

An area where dogs are allowed to exercise off leash under effective control* and abiding by off leash area rules.

Restricted area – an area where dogs are allowed to exercise off leash between specific designated times. At all other times, dogs must remain on leash.
- Biggera Waters Foreshore from 5am to 8am, and 4pm to 7pm
- Dux Oval from 5am to 9am, and 4pm to 8pm
- Harry Bond Park from 5am to 7am, and 5pm to 7pm

Fully fenced area (purple shaded area)

An area where dogs are allowed to exercise off leash under effective control* and abiding by off leash area rules. Consider others and reduce overcrowding at the entrance gates to allow dogs to enter.

Dog prohibited area (red shaded area)

An area where no dogs are allowed at any time, including within:
- all children’s playground areas
- 200 metres of all flagged bathing areas
- all swimming enclosures
- food preparation areas including barbecues.

To protect our native wildlife, dogs are prohibited from entering national parks. Visit Department of Environment and Science to find a State Conservation Park or Forest where dogs are permitted on leash.

Check the boxes below to show the areas that contain one or more of the following:

Off leash area rules

When using an off leash area, there are still rules which apply to keep it safe for everyone.

  • The person responsible for the dog must be physically able to control them.
  • Dogs must be on leash before entering and leaving an off leash area.
  • Assess the area before allowing your dog off leash.
  • Your dog must be supervised at all times and return to you when called (recall) and remain visible to you while exercising.
  • Always be considerate of others and do not allow your dog to worry or attack another person or animal.
  • Dogs showing signs of aggression or anti-social behaviour must immediately be leashed and removed.
  • Your dog must wear a collar with its registration tag attached at all times.
  • Ensure your dog does not chase or harm wildlife.
  • Dog waste must be disposed of appropriately.
  • Supervise children at all times.

Council investigates all reported dog attacks, whether in an off leash area or not, and penalties apply for breaches. To find out more, visit Laws, breaches & fines.

Pick up after your dog

Dog waste bags and dispensers are provided as a courtesy to dog owners. Please be considerate of others and take only what you need. It is still the responsibility of the dog owner to carry a supply of bags to pick up and dispose of waste appropriately in public.

An on-the-spot fine may apply if you don’t do the right thing.

* Effective control (Local Law No.12, S25) – the dog is under the supervision of a person aged 17+ years who:

  • (i) is able to control the dog by voice command; and
  • (ii) does not cause or allow the dog to attack or worry another person or another animal; and
  • (iii) ensures that the dog remains visible to the person who is exercising the dog.