Emergencies, disasters & outages

City Dashboard

While the Gold Coast is renowned for its sunny weather, the city is still vulnerable to severe floods, storms, bushfires, cyclones and heat waves. The best defence in any natural disaster is to be prepared.

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Use the City Dashboard to stay informed and connect with real time alerts before, during and after disaster events. This includes road closures, power outages and weather warnings.

Get Ready

Being prepared can help safeguard your family, pets and property against severe storms, cyclones, floods and bushfires. Discover practical ways to prepare for a disaster, including:

  • making an emergency kit and evacuation plan
  • how to protect your home, pets and business
  • where to find sandbags
  • useful tips on preparing for the different types of natural disaster events the Gold Coast may experience.

Visit Get Ready

Community disaster guide – online and downloadable resources

Download helpful resources to get ready for storm season

View videos and fact sheets in other languages to help you get ready for an emergency or disaster on our Disaster management videos & resources page.

During & after a disaster

Whatever the disaster, you need to tune in – log on – listen – and act. Find out what to do, including who to contact for help, during a disaster.

We work with State and Federal emergency teams and the community to prepare for severe weather events and other emergencies. Read more about how we do this – visit Disaster coordination

Learn how we work closely with our partners to coordinate recovery efforts after a disaster event – visit Disaster recovery

Local service outages & alerts

For details of the following types of local service outages and alerts, visit City alerts:

  • Water and sewerage outages
  • Local road closures
  • Beach closures
  • Recreational water quality alerts
  • Bushfire hazard reduction burns
  • Mosquito and midge control activities

Sports field closures

For details of sports field closures due to wet weather or renovations, visit our Sports field closures page.