Disaster recovery

In the event of a disaster, the Local Recovery Group will activate a community recovery plan. This will provide a coordinated approach to the provision of recovery services to the community.

Disaster recovery is the coordinated process of supporting disaster-affected communities to return to a proper level of functioning and requires a collaborative effort. We partner with a range of agencies and organisations to provide support to:

  • affected individuals
  • the community, and
  • businesses in our city affected by the disaster.

The City supports the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy. Together we provide human and social recovery services during a disaster. This includes referral to and help with:

  • the Community Recovery Hotline (1800 173 349)
  • outreach visits to impacted communities
  • recovery hubs, where residents can go to access a range of services including financial assistance and support services

Use the City Dashboard to stay informed, get ready and connect with real time alerts before, during and after disaster or adverse events.