During a disaster

Stay informed

For life threatening emergencies phone Triple Zero (000).

City dashboard, Gold Coast Alerts, and hotline

Visit the City dashboard for real time updates and latest news on weather warnings, road closures, traffic and beach conditions.

Receive notifications about potentially dangerous situations like flooding and bushfires in your local area – sign up for free below:


City of Gold Coast Disaster hotline: 1800 606 000

Tune in

During a disaster, regular updates are provided by local radio stations including:

  • 89.3FM 4CRB
  • 90.9FM Sea FM
  • 91.7FM ABC Gold Coast
  • 92.5 FM Gold FM
  • 94.1 FM Community radio
  • 98.1 FM Radio EB
  • 99.4FM Rebel
  • 102.9 FM Hot Tomato
  • 105.7FM Radio Metro
  • 107.3FM Juice FM.

If you're tuning into the TV, Nine and Seven Gold Coast news also provide regular updates.

Log on

Queensland's primary warning and alert information sources are:

  • qldalert.com website for real-time, official information and updates on weather, emergency services operations, roads, transport and utilities.
  • Bureau of Meteorology for weather updates and warning information.

Listen out

  • For Emergency warnings.
  • For Emergency Alert voice messages to your landline and text messages to your mobile phone.
  • For local community safety announcements (radio and television) for updates.
  • For sirens and loud-hailer announcements, that Emergency Services may use in certain circumstances.
  • For Emergency Services personnel who may door-knock your area to pass on warnings.


  • Act immediately on the advice provided.
  • Ensure all householders are aware of the warning and advice provided.
  • Activate your Emergency Plan and your Pet Emergency Plan.
  • Locate and collect your Emergency Kit.
  • Activate your Evacuation Plan if required.
  • Check on family, neighbours and friends who may need special assistance.
  • Ensure you have a Pet Emergency Plan and Kit.


Emergency contacts

Gold Coast emergency contacts

If your emergency is life threatening, phone Triple Zero (000) immediately.

Register. Find. Reunite

This Australian Red Cross service can help you find and reunite with family and friends following a disaster. For details visit Register. Find. Reunite.


Evacuation centres

The City's evacuation centres may be activated if residents are required to evacuate their properties.

If an evacuation centre is activated, the location will be published on the City Dashboard

Evacuation advice

If your area is possibly under threat, you may receive evacuation advice from emergency services, the Queensland Government or the City of Gold Coast.

You may be advised through:

  • SMS or voice messages to your mobile phone to your landline and/or mobile phone
  • door knocking
  • radio alerts
  • social media
  • television.

For your own safety and the safety of your family, it's vital you take these warnings seriously and evacuate as soon as possible as per your evacuation plan. Make sure you follow direction from Emergency Services.

If you decide to evacuate

If an evacuation is imminent, be sure to:

  • listen for warnings and advice from Emergency Service agencies about the need to evacuate
  • leave as early as possible (even hours before in the case of bushfires)
  • allow for special needs of infants, the elderly and people with disabilities
  • don't forget the needs of your pets
  • park your car under cover, with a plan for alternative safe routes.

Register. Find. Reunite

This Australian Red Cross service can help you find and reunite with family and friends in evacuation centres following a disaster.

For details visit Register. Find. Reunite.

Be aware of electrical power

Take care, stay line aware! Stay away from fallen power lines

If you've lost power, turn off your power points and unplug electrical equipment if it is safe to do so. Don't go outside during a storm to turn off power.

Do not run electrical equipment such as generators, extension leads or lighting in wet areas.

Some storms and floods can last for a long time. If the storm causes damage, do not attempt to make temporary electrical repairs. Turn the power off and have a licensed electrician perform the repairs after the bad weather has passed. If the power cannot be turned off, stay well away from the damaged equipment and call your electricity entity (Energex).

In a flood, place electrical equipment as high off the ground as possible.

Visit Energex for more information.