Bushfire is one of the most devastating natural hazard threats facing our community every year.

South east Queensland typically experiences peak bushfire activity in Spring (September to November). Seasonal changes can extend or shorten this period.

Bushfire alerts

You can subscribe to Gold Coast Alerts or select the QFES Warnings filter on the Gold Coast Situation Map on our Disaster and Emergency Management Dashboard

Be prepared

Being prepared is everybody's responsibility.

Your house may not be threatened by a direct fire front but embers can travel tens of kilometres to affect neighbouring houses. Smoke from a bushfire also can be a threat to your family and pets.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) provides the following tips to help you prepare for each bushfire season.

Before a bushfire warning

  • Make sure your emergency plan is up-to-date and your emergency kit is ready, should you decide to 'go early'
  • Clean gutters, trim overhanging tree branches and bushes around your home
  • Make sure you have enough water supply if there is a bushfire
  • Clear fuel around the house such as wood piles, boxes and cans of fuel
  • Check water systems, pumps or generators are in working order
  • Make sure fire trucks can access your property

During a bushfire event in your area

  • Listen to the radio for information and updates
  • Follow instructions from local authorities
  • Disconnect hose and fittings and bring inside
  • Go inside for shelter
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Drink lots of water
  • Check and patrol for embers inside, especially in the roof space
  • Check family and pets

Be prepared for the effects of a bushfire including heat and wind, smoke, noise, loss of power and phone lines, and loss of water pressure.

After a bushfire

  • Listen to the radio for information and updates
  • Continue drinking lots of water
  • Check for spot fires and embers inside and out (including roof space)

Report all fires to Triple Zero (000)

If your house is seriously damaged, contact the SES on 132 500 or the City's Disaster Hotline on 1800 606 000 for assistance.

For information on how to protect your family, property and belongings in a disaster situation download our Community Disaster Guide

How do we manage bushfire risk?

We manage bushfire risk through planning and development and on-ground management activities. Our bush fire management activities include:

  • supporting the emergency response to a bushfire in the city, directly with QFES and through our Disaster Management Centre
  • developing fire management plans, both strategic and operational
  • planning, coordinating and implementing our annual hazard reduction burn program together with the Area Fire Management Group
  • advising on bushfire management issues for Council policies and strategies
  • assessing relevant development applications against the Bushfire Hazard Overlay Code that is part of our City Plan
  • constructing and maintaining fire trails and water tanks on Council land
  • mapping bushfire footprints(fire scar extents) and hazardous vegetation
  • monitoring and reducing bushfire fuel, such as dead wood and undergrowth, on selected priority City reserves and land
  • supporting community bushfire education programs. 

We also participate in the Gold Coast Fire Management Group and the Regional Bushfire Committee, both run by QFES.

While we have a vested interest in reducing bushfire risk across the whole of the city, our activities are restricted by law to City-owned or managed land.

Most of the medium and high potential bushfire hazard areas within the city are on private property. To learn how to undertake a hazard reduction burn on your property, visit QFES Lighting Fires in Queensland.

To report your concerns about overgrown land on private property, visit our Report a problem – Trees, plants & vegetation page.

Although out of our control, we encourage and educate other natural landholders, public and private, to be vigilant in their bushfire preparations.

Contact us

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