Our graffiti management strategy contributes to keeping your city clean and safe. Graffiti is illegal and we have a rapid removal policy, prioritizing clean up. We partner with police, other government agencies and community groups on graffiti prevention strategies including urban design and public art projects. Some of these initiatives have seen graffiti reduce by 80%, such as Artbox.

The less we spend on graffiti removal, the more we can invest in venues and events for you. We provide helpful information on how you can prevent graffiti and provide free kits for removal.

If you notice any graffiti, there are several ways you can report it to us.

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Join Neighbourhood Watch

Work with your neighbours to make your community safer, including preventing graffiti. To connect to your local group, call the Queensland Police Service's Crime Prevention Unit on 07 5581 2840.

Graffiti education for students

The Graffiti Prevention Education Program is a curriculum-aligned resource which educates young people about the personal, community and environmental consequences of graffiti.

Want to learn more about our graffiti strategy?

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