Graffiti is illegal and we have a rapid removal policy, prioritising clean up.

Our graffiti management strategy contributes to keeping your city clean and safe. We partner with police, other government agencies and community groups to prevent graffiti. Urban design and public art initiatives, such as Artbox, have helped reduce graffiti by 80%.

Report graffiti

Have you spotted graffiti? Reporting graffiti is quick and easy. Report now using one of our many channels.

Report graffiti

If you notice any offensive graffiti, please call us on 07 5667 5974. We will remove it as soon as possible.

Help prevent graffiti

Let's work together to prevent graffiti in our community.

Help us stay on top of graffiti by removing it from your business or property quickly.

For useful tips on removing and preventing graffiti, including how to obtain free graffiti removal kits, visit How you can prevent graffiti.

Volunteer Graffiti Removal Program

Groups wishing to help us undertake graffiti removal in their community, can do so by applying to the Volunteer Graffiti Removal Program.

Graffiti prevention projects

City of Gold Coast implements several projects to assist in reducing and preventing graffiti. This may include:

  • working with local artists
  • beautifying graffiti hotspots
  • considering the design of public spaces, or
  • encouraging businesses to restrict access to spray paint.

Urban art

We work with local artists and community groups to install artwork as a graffiti prevention strategy. Our projects can transform graffiti hotspots into beautiful art experiences in your neighbourhood.

For more information visit Graffiti prevention through urban art.


Artbox aims to deter graffiti and make your city beautiful by installing artwork onto City traffic signal boxes.

For more information and to check out the Artbox Gallery visit Artbox.

Spray paint theft reduction project

The sale of spray paint is prohibited to people under the age of 18. However, statistics show many vandals obtain spray paint for graffiti by stealing it.

We work with retailers that sell spray paint cans and encourage them to secure these products. We have visited several Gold Coast retailers and asked them to lock cans away, keep them in a storeroom or display them behind the counter and have customers request them. We ask you to support this project by shopping at places that have adopted responsible retailing practices.

Get involved in a project

Are you an artist, school, group or organisation that wants to help prevent graffiti?

Email us at

Graffiti education program

The Graffiti Prevention Education Program is a curriculum-aligned resource which educates young people about the personal, community and environmental consequences of graffiti.

For Prep to Year 12.

Find more information, including teacher resources, on our Graffiti Prevention Education Program page.

Graffiti prevention in our city

Watch the video to learn how we're working together to prevent graffiti in our city.