Graffiti prevention projects

We help keep your city clean and safe. Together, we deliver several projects to prevent graffiti. We work with local artists and the community to reduce graffiti and create art experiences in your neighbourhood.

We also educate our community about graffiti prevention and reporting, and consider the design of public spaces to reduce graffiti.

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Spray paint theft reduction project

The sale of spray paint is prohibited to people under the age of 18. However, statistics show many vandals obtain spray paint for graffiti by stealing it.

We work with retailers that sell spray paint cans and encourage them to secure these products. We have visited all Gold Coast retailers and asked them to lock cans away, keep them in a storeroom or display them behind the counter and have customers request them. We ask you to support this project by shopping at places that have adopted responsible retailing practices.

Want to learn more about our graffiti strategy? Watch the video below: