How you can prevent graffiti

Remove graffiti quickly

We love our city being safe and clean – let's keep it that way. You can help us stay on top of graffiti by removing it from your business or property quickly.

We can only remove graffiti from private property if it is accessible from public land. Learn more about our Terms and conditions for private property graffiti removal(PDF, 30KB)

Free graffiti removal kits

Did you know that we offer free removal kits? The kits are available from your local customer service centre. The kit helps you get rid of graffiti – fast! It contains items that will help you remove small amounts of graffiti safely, including graffiti removal spray.

As one tag tends to attract another, we encourage you to remove graffiti as quickly as possible. If you choose to paint over graffiti, use dark colours as light colours attract it. In case you need to cover more tags, keep any unused paint and a brush handy. There are also professional graffiti removal companies.

Take action on your property

Most graffiti occurs on exposed walls and fences. To reduce risk, take action:

  • plant vegetation in front of solid surfaces to reduce the available canvas and restrict access
  • use landscaping rather than walls/fencing
  • use textured or uneven materials for solid surfaces
  • limit the amount of solid surface by using mesh, grills and lattices
  • prevent graffiti from being absorbed by applying anti-graffiti coatings to walls and apply to a minimum height of 3 metres
  • as lighter paint tends to attract graffiti, paint with darker colours
  • use water proof, easy-to-clean surfaces such as tiles and polished bricks.
  • consider the use of sensor lights that are out of reach.

Join Neighbourhood Watch

Work with your neighbours to make your community safer, including preventing graffiti. To connect to your local group, call the Queensland Police Service's Crime Prevention Unit on 07 5581 2840.

Volunteer Graffiti Removal Program

Groups wishing to help us undertake graffiti removal, can do so for applying to the Volunteer Graffiti Removal Program.

Beautify your property

If you are installing artwork onto your property or business – or already have, let us know. We can provide advice on the type of artwork that deters graffiti. We keep a record of artworks on private property to ensure it is not mistaken as graffiti.

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