Arundel – Biggera Creek Dam restoration

  • Project typeOcean, beaches & waterways
  • Project value$3 million
  • Project scheduleOctober 2022 to October 2023 (weather permitting)
Bigger Creek Dam

The Biggera Creek Dam provides flood mitigation for the lower Biggera Creek catchment in Labrador and Biggera Waters.

Restoration works are needed to repair a land slip that appeared on the face of the dam in March 2021 as well as a further crack that appeared in February 2022.

Construction details

Earthworks on the downstream (eastern) face of the dam wall.

Impacts during construction

Access to some areas within Collingwood Court Reserve will be reduced for about 8 weeks during construction in 2022 and a further 12 weeks in late 2023.

Parts of the park and surrounding areas will remain open, including the dog off-lead and the skate park areas.

Local residents may notice construction noise and dust, and vibration from compaction equipment.

We will ensure disruptions are kept to a minimum. Where possible, work will take place between 6:30am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Wildlife assessment

The City engaged ecologists to complete a wildlife assessment of the eastern pocket of Collingwood Court Reserve in August 2022.

Collingwood Court Reserve is a 32-hectare forested park between Olsen Avenue and Napper Road which is also part of the flood detention basin for the Biggera Creek dam. Our care of the reserve since the dam construction in the 1980s has also helped preserve local wildlife.

The Biggera Creek Dam wall separates the bulk of the reserve from the 3ha eastern pocket near Olsen Avenue. This section includes a skate park, basketball half court, and short walking trail through eucalypt and paperbark woodland.

The reserve contains koala habitat, as well as possible habitat for a range of threatened species such as the grey-headed flying-fox and wallum froglet.

One koala was spotted during the assessment and a small black flying-fox colony is located in trees near Olsen Avenue.

Following our wildlife assessment, we are taking the following recommended actions to minimise any impacts on local wildlife.

These include:

  • avoiding the removal of any mature trees. A single casuarina tree may be trimmed during the works
  • measures to control erosion. These include delaying major earthworks until the drier (winter) months
  • use of a wildlife spotter during works.

Benefits for the community

  • Restoring a critical flood mitigation asset
  • Improved flood resilience during extreme weather events
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance

This project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.


Collingwood Court Reserve, Olsen Avenue, Arundel 4214  
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